Asia Distribution Centre

Our distribution network is an extension of all our factories in the various countries which are all located within hours of a major seaport and airport. Our headquarters in Johor, Malaysia has access to 3 major seaports in Malaysia and Singapore and a major airport in Singapore. With the megaport in Tuas, Singapore coming on stream and within 2 hours from our headquarter factory, we will have even better access. During the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, we have proven to be highly effective in both inbound and outbound logistics performance and contributed to recovering from various disruptions outside of our network.

Configuration Management

At the front end of the Product Life Cycle, Configuration Management (CM) guides the design, manufacture, and assembly of the targeted assets. In this second stage of the asset life cycle – the logistics stage - CM provides important benchmarks by defining what configurations are permissible.

Free Trade Zone

All our factories in Asia are located inside export processing zones or free trade zones. In the case of Malaysia, the country adopt the LMW (Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse) approach where there is no physical free trade zones but as long as each factory has a LMW, it is a bonded area just like a free trade zone and with approved manufacturing activities by industry or process.

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