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We want to champion future design, one perfect component at a time.


Flexi Versa Group is a vertically integrated manufacturing company offering contract manufacturing solutions with capabilities spanning printed circuit board manufacturing, precision components services (die cut, RFI/EMI, thermal solutions, printing), polymer processing such as thermoplastic and thermoset injection moulding including elastomeric solutions, woodworking, wire harness manufacturing, and acoustics solutions.

These capabilities and presence in six Asian countries have been built up over a span of 25 years and the multiple blue chip customers across various segments such as medical, consumer electronics, industrial and automotive is testimony of the group’s success.

ESG Initiatives


When it comes to waste management, FVG’s commercial practices go beyond legislative compliances. We have invested millions into our Cyclone System for woodworking facilities to ensure that no waste gets wasted.

We also implement strict validation of our supply sources when it comes to being environmentally friendly and sustainable while maintaining biodiversity. We continue to develop processing methods and processes in our pursuit of being a green company.


We have always been an advocate of Human Rights and we practice Fair Labour Standards. We are proud to be compliance to our reputable Clients’ Fair Working Conditions (Legislated in the UK) and Labour Standards (guided by the FLSA outside of the USA). We do not discriminate and actively pursue Labour Diversity and Health & Safety Acts across all our entities worldwide.

We also contribute back to the society in our little ways by donating food packs to the Less-Privileged and conducting blood donations annually.


Understanding different cultures in the countries that we are in and assimilating the pervasive nature of technology and its impact on individuals, society and climate, we develop trust and confidence in our People, Clients & Stakeholders by ensuring Full Transparency & Disclosures.

We ensure Accountability, and our Board ensures that we are both race and gender neutral. We actively practise cross-functional opportunities to reach out to all levels in in our Group for Career Planning and Talent Retention. In that way, we commit to all our stakeholders and the communities we operate in.


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